Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day 51 of 39 days of Jack

Day 51 is officially a Jack Day - where we do all things Jack

We started the night before with checking into the New Sanno and then heading straight to the pool,  We spent a few hours splashing around followed by hot dogs and grilled cheese back in the room.  After a good night's sleep we started the morning off with room service complete with french toast, fresh fruit and an omlette that was filled with mushrooms, onion and yummy!  Then we headed down to the beauty salon ( I know this is supposed to be a Jack day but Jack days are difficult to get through when mama is in a dire need for a pedicure and this is her only opportunity.  Kids are not allowed in salons and since I always have Jack I can never get a pedicure...they made a special exception for me and the receptionist even played with Jack the whole time.  There was a nice tip in it for her and when she tried to give it back saying it was not necessary I started to cry a bit and said "oh my, you do not know how necessary this was, I haven't had any mama time in over two months"...thank goodness for generous Japanese girls!)  So, with mama's feet pampered we were off for an adventure in the city.  It was supposed to be a Disneyland day but it is golden week - sort of the Japanese spring break - so crazy busy EVERYWHERE!  We opted to visit the Tomica Store in Tokyo where they are celebrating their 40th anniversary with super fun exhibitions in every store.
Jack in the train station
the Tomica Shop!

Jack in Tomica heaven!  He even got a special edition Tomica Police Car with a picture of him in the drivers seat.  They took his picture and then we got to see the mini factory where they put the car together.  So cool!
This was super cool, everything was automated under the glass:

Then we headed to Tokyo Dome City and rode the carousel

Jack was bothered that I was on a hippo and not on a horse
...but happy none the less saying 'wee ha'!
then he rode these super cool paddle boats (they were for 3 and up but he's a smarty pants and 37 pounds so everyone thinks he's 3 anyways...) how awesome is that face!
He did so well understanding how to steer, he kept saying "I am in a boat like daddy!'
then we rode the Big O a ferris wheel that overlooks Tokyo dome City (maybe I am just husband deprived but the name of this ride makes me think dirty thoughts)
at 5pm he was so passed out that I had to carry him and all of his loot from the Tomica store through two subway transfers and a 15 minute walk back tot he hotel where the car was.  I have a pretty nice blister on my achilles from the sandals I was wearing to show for it...hopefully it will heal before we leave for Thailand.

Finally we drove back to Yokosuka and Jack slept the whole hour ride home.  It was a good mini-vaycay for a Jack and mama recharge.  Now it is back to work.

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