Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 3 of 34 Days of Jack

Last night Jack went to bed late, this morning he woke up early so by 5:30 he was passed out:
Today we took our friend Yukari to the base for some Easter shopping and then went to a great Japanese restaurant for lunch (I know that sounds silly - it would be like being in the US and saying "I went to a great American restaurant today").  What is funny is that most of the restaurants around here do not focus on Japanese cuisine.  Sure there are tons of ramen and udon bars, sushi restaurants, yakuniku and okonomiyaki...but then there are tons of Italian, Chinese and Japanimerican (pseudo American food).  Weird hamburger patty's and steaks that are what Japanese think American food is like.  Similar to how most American's think Benihana is Japanese...soooo not the case.  Yukari and I split some katsudon (breaded pork with egg and onion over rice in a sweet soy sauce) and negitorodon (raw fatty tuna over rice with onion and nori) YUM!  Jack inhaled two bowls of miso soup as usual and ate a few bites of everything else on the table.  The thing I love most about Japanese food is that it is never just one dish.  There are always a bunch of little side dishes containing pickled vegetables and very interesting salads that and Japanese person will tell you, "it is healthy for you."  I am a sucker, I love it all and I am glad I am brave enough to try anything once.

On a positive note I saw my graphic design work on public display today...a totally awesome feeling.  Nothing too fancy, just a flyer for the chili cookoff coming up in a week...but exciting none the less:
In this picture you can see Tyler Florence's eye to the right of my poster...yes he is coming to Yokosuka in a few weeks, I am so excited!  He will be signing autographs and hosting a dinner where he will be the chef.  I cannot wait!  I missed the Kitchen Confidential guy when he was here so I will definitely be in line early for this one!


  1. That is a good looking poster, especially since it is on public display. ☺

  2. You are getting closer and closer to Duff and Ace of Cakes. Your poster is great.