Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 12 of 34 Days of Jack

On Day 12 I partnered up with Joy Jill Photography to host a portrait party at Mikasa Park.  The Cherry Blossom are in bloom so we scheduled 6 - 25 min sessions in the morning and 7 - 25 min sessions in the afternoon.  Jack thought it was awesome because he got to run around at the park all day.  Our clients were happy to get a great session with a professional photographer for $60 that included three prints.  I delivered the Spiderman cake during our break for light mid afternoon and Joy went with me to take pictures of the cake for me.  Then we went into Yokosuka city center and had Pepper Lunch for lunch.  (***Bebe remember the sizzling plate of meat and rice we had in Hong Kong? Same place.)

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