Saturday, May 16, 2009

Time...what's that?

A friend of mine reminded me that it's been a while since I've updated the blog and I'm jealous since she finds time almost every day to update her own. I have accepted the fact that as a stay at home mom there are certain things I have to give up: late night dinners out with friends, long leisurely showers/baths, more than 5 minute make-up and hair, spotless floors and the one dear to my heart...quiet time to myself.

It was easier in the beginning since Jack couldn't walk or climb. Since that day, the only time I get to sit is nap time and bedtime. During Jack's every waking hour I am playing, cleaning, cooking, getting juice, saving Jack from headers/sharp objects/electrical shock...just when I think I have things baby proofed he figures out some way to "un-proof" it. His latest trick: climbing the gates. Whether it's digging his toes into the holes of the gate to launch himself over the top or stacking his toys to build a ramp up and over, Jack is determined to give me at least one heart attack a day. Jack is lucky the roles are not reversed and Keith isn't the stay at home dad...Keith has about 2% of the patience I do and his resolution to every dilemma is "take it away". After all the situations I have been faced with, if Keith were in my position, Jack would have no toys and the living room would be empty and padded 360 degrees.

Don't get me wrong, I certainly wouldn't trade late night dinners out with friends, long leisurely showers/baths, more than 5 minute make-up and hair, spotless floors or quiet time to myself for the unmeasurable pleasure I get from being Jack's mom. It may just be necessary to vent every once in a while in order to reassure myself that this is all a stage, soon it will no longer be "mommy juice please", it will be "mother, may I have some juice" ( expectations are high..why not?) Jack amazes me every day with his ever growing vocabulary, especially last night when he asked "mommy sit down please". I am so impressed that he is already putting so much together. Our biggest issue now, besides the daredevil stunts, is understanding No and Stop. We know he understands, unfortunately in his world, every thing is a game and without spankings and getting hit by cars, I'm afraid he has no concept of consequences. Keith thinks he needs a few good smacks in the butt but I cannot do it and I know he's all talk since he hasn't done it either.

All in all, my life is great. My only job is to be Jack's mom, Keith's wife, student and a productive member of society. So not on my side...but I don't think I'm doing too bad. Busy busy busy, my motto for life these days.