Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mixed media, shmixed shmedia

I am learning a lot in this class, primarily that my strengths are in digital mediums and not in the get your hands dirty type. Week 1 and 2 focused on pastels and I just finished week 3, watercolors. Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed watercolors. This was my first time and the way they have a mind of their own created some very interesting details. I am certainly not super psyched about this work but...I figure I can only improve from this point. Next week, acrylics...yippee!

Pastel project expressing copy from a poem or song (this excerpt is from Metallica's 'One')

Watercolor project expressing an image to sell a bath or beach related item


  1. Jenn your Elf card is hilarious, I loved it.
    I am anxious to see what you do with the acrylic class, I hope you enjoy it more than the last class. I see painting classes tied in with cake decorating, think of the colors you could mix and use!
    G G Shirley