Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oh Shoot...

Jack is full of new words these days. He says mama repeatedly, which I love, but sometimes our conversations get a little redundant: "mama, yes Jack, mama, yes baby, mama, what sweetheart, mama, yes Jack, mama, etc..." Keith came home last Tuesday and was able to spend Thanksgiving at home this year. We had a lovely dinner complete with all the trimmings and 17 guests. We are still in awe that we fit that many around the table in our little house, but I was determined to have a sit down dinner. I was so happy to have so much "family" in the house that I was a little teary when I gave the toast.

While we were getting ready for dinner Jack said, clear as a bell, "oh s*!t". It's really "oh shhhh" but Keith claims that I must be teaching him to swear. I never say that and Jack isn't around anyone who does so I'm convinced he's just making more sounds. Except...while we were cleaning up, Jack knocked over a baby gate and it slammed down on the floor...what was my reaction??? "Oh s*!t!". Ever so quickly my hand went over my mouth, Keith came tearing around the corner and called me on it right there. I can't imagine Jack picked it up from the every once in a blue moon that it might come out...but he is proving to be quite the smartie pants.

My favorite is "mmm, good" and "cookie?" since it has such a high inflection. It's so stinkin' cute how can you say no? Tonight we went to Keith's ship to have dinner with him since he's at work and they leave first thing in the morning. When we got out of the car and Jack saw the ship he said "daddy". I wish Keith was there every moment for things like that but we are making this sacrifice now so Keith can be around every day when Jack is older.

Keith is gone for another 10 days but when he comes home he'll be on leave for two weeks. I don't remember what it's like to see my husband for more than five days. I'm so excited! So while I work on "Oh shoot" more, I am sure that Jack will continue to surprise me every day with his ingenuity and genius.

On Keith's last deployment, the whole seventh fleet got together for a photo op:

Keith's ship is the third row from the left third ship back.

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