Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We love playdates!

At least once a week we meet up with friends and today we visited with Nina and Benjamin. Benjamin is one month younger than Jack but his parents aren't as vertically challenged as Jack's. He's a little more advanced in the walking department but I think Jack may gain more confidence seeing someone his own size toddle around.

Here are a few pics that Nina took today of the boys playing:

The big day is tomorrow and we have a lot to do for the big party on Saturday, so it's off to bed for me. Mate ne!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

51 weeks...

Can you believe Jack is 51 weeks already?...seven more days and he'll be one! This year has flown by. I never had the baby "oohs and ahhs" before I had Jack. Even afterwards I wasn't terribly excited about anyone else's baby...but now...that my baby is becoming such a big boy...I totally have the baby oohs and ahhs. My friend Jen has a two month old and she makes my heart just melt. Oh how quickly we forget how helpless and fragile they are at that age. Now my rough-and-tumbler is jumping out of his car seat all on his own, bouncing all over the house and soon he'll be walking followed tout de suite by running.

We have a decent sized party planned for Jack's big day. On his actual birthday I am planning to take him to the zoo in Yokohama. It will be his first trip to see the animal kingdom. We are planning to go to the SF Zoo in October and the San Diego Zoo in April. Jack has such great reactions to everything around him these days, I think he's ready to enjoy the zoo as much as I do.

So since the last update we have celebrated Keith's 29th, (that's right honey, only one more year in your 20's), completed a class in Typography, had a crazy Japanese bug hitchhike in with the groceries, swam in the front yard and watched Jack love Winnie and get a lot of walking practice:

Keith's Birthday Cake - It was so hot the cream cheese frosting kept melting. I tried almost freezing the frosting before I began but the humidity and heat made the cake slide all over the place. Good thing is...it still tasted great no matter how ugly it was.

My final in Typography - We had to create a clear, 3D sculpture that displayed copy regarding something in Typographic history. I chose Eric Gill, a sculptor and type designer as my subject. Plus, I thought it would be fun to make a 3D G.

Don't know...Don't care - As I carried the groceries in one night I felt something on my hand...yes...on MY HAND! I looked down and was not particularly happy with what I saw. I ended up flinging it across the kitchen before I tracked down a glass to capture it. After preserving an image for the blog I released the beast back outside. Yes, Japan has super creepy bugs...

Jack and Keith in the Pool - We picked up a great pool for Jack at Costco that came with an inflatable roof. Unfortunately it was too windy and it kept blowing away. Instead, Keith set up the parasol so we could stay out of the sun.

Awwwww - In case you couldn't tell, Jack LOVES Winnie. She may not totally appreciate his method of love yet, but I am sure they will be great friends before too long. At least she's not scared of him anymore...although...maybe she should be!

Running Man - Jack is constantly doing laps around the living room. He'll start at the cabinet under the TV and then make his way to the dining room chairs (which he proceeds to rearrange and distribute all over the living room) then over to the sliding glass door, the chair, the couch and back to the beginning. I'll have to get some good pics of him with his walker, he's so proud!