Monday, June 2, 2008

Here Ye Here Ye!!! Read All About It!

We've been a busy Webber family lately getting reconnected with Keith, settling back into life at home and Jack's ever changing growth and development. I have been busy busy busy with school hard at work in a History of Graphic Design class that has an immense workload. Each week we have to develop designs relating to the period of history we are studying. Here are my last two weeks of work:
A poster

A magazine cover

Along with the designs themselves we have to create professional presentations that would simulate how we would present our concept development to the client. I am so thankful Keith has been home to help watch Jack so I can get the work done.

I had a fabulous 32nd birthday on Saturday. My boys took me out to dinner at a steak house that serves Shabu Shabu ( yummy. With open flames and a hot cooking stone on the table we were sure that Jack was going to be ultra curious. But of course...he was an angel and even had his fair share of rice and miso soup. At this point, we are trying everything. His complete rejection of everything "baby food" has lead us to try the mama bird method with everything on our plates. He seems to enjoy Japanese food, lemon flavor and mint chocolate chip ice cream the most...go figure.

Keith is hard at work each day getting the ship repaired and ready to go back to sea. Last week they made repairs to the sonar dome. I cannot explain it but I can show you some pictures...

Jack is also crawling is on its he is invariably dirty. He gets into everything from the cat food to power cords. Now Jack has a better daily routine including a shower with mom or dad everyday. We are both glad we started him in the shower as an infant because now he has no problem with water running over his head. Here's the latest shot of Jack enjoying his shower...

Most of all we are happy to be home and together again. For now it's back to work!


  1. Love my kids!! All of you. You are a wild and crazy group. We wish we could have been with you for your happy day on Saturday,maybe next year.
    Lots of Love hugs and kisses,

  2. Hi Guys,
    You all look so happy and we Sooooooo miss our little Jack and both of you as well. I have the pictures on the wall and desk of our office so we can see your happy faces all the time. I have shown my wallet photos to everyone, including Drs. Jenn your work is really incredible and you will be very successful when you finish school. When I attended ASU in the School of Design the graffic, industrial, and interior designers all took classes together the first year and I never saw one that was better than your work. Keep it up. I wish We could come and see you all soon. I miss you all. Keith we are so proud of you but wish you were home.
    G.Grandma Donna & G.Grandpa Larry

  3. A third generation of mint chocolate chip lovers. Imagine that.
    I can't imagine how difficult your classes are. I'm struggling over telling time in espanol.
    Looks like Jack is happy to see his dad. What a wonderful little boy he is. We miss you both so much. Grandpa and I both talk to Jack's pictures every day.
    Hugs and kisses to all of you. Remember we love you.
    Gram & Grandpa

  4. Hi,
    Just think I am a college graduate and I can't spell Graphic. I could not for the life of me remember how, but I knew it was wrong. Should of checked with my spell checker.
    Love ya all,
    G Gram Donna

  5. Wow Jenn, your posters look great! Mom would be way too scared to go see the Jack Henry Webber play! Looks like Jack will learn to eat with chopsticks.

  6. Hi family. Jenn it was so wonderful meeting you and Jack for the first time. He is such a happy, healthy little guy. I am not surprised he is crawling, he seemed just about ready while you were here. I hope you got the picture I took at lunch of you and Jack. I am sorry I didn't have you take one of Jack and I together. I hope your birthday was extra special being back in your own home and with Keith back at the same time.
    Love and Kisses from GG Shirley