Monday, April 28, 2008

Asta la vista windy city...

Our visit to Chicago was great and now we are looking forward to the next leg of our adventure. Nona Julie and Papa T are as great as ever and Jack and I had a blast spending time with them. Tomorrow we fly back to California for a stay with Meme and Grandpa T which includes a highly anticipated visit to Tahoe to see the rest of the Erceg clan.
A lot of the time in Chicago was spent sleeping in and eating out. I couldn't get enough of the mall so a lot of time was spent there as well. Auntie Stefanie came up from Missouri for a week, we had a lot of fun catching up on girl time and she loved meeting Jack. I miss her so much, I am so happy she was able to take time off of work to visit with us. Now we just have to get her back out to Japan so we can get our Karaoke on. It was so nice to meet my sister-in-law's, Sarah and Amethyst, and my nephew Isaac. Jack is so fortunate to have so much family that love him so much.

Yesterday we went downtown and visited Millennium Park and Sears Tower. It was a beautiful, clear day which allowed for some excellent photos. The Bean in Millennium Park is quite fantastic, it is so fun to take pictures there.

I've got a lot of packing to do so I better get to it. Next update will be from sunny California. Asta la vista windy city.

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  1. Papa and my hearts are shattered into a million pieces. We miss our beautiful baby and his fantastic mama so much already. It is amazing how quiet our house is without Jack's beautiful laughter. We are so thankful to you Jenn for giving us some much time with you and Jack. You will never understand how much it meant to us. Isaac has been looking all over the house for Jack all day. He keeps asking "Where's baby?". We hope to get ou to Japan to see you guys soon. Love you, give Jack hugs and kiss from us.
    Nona and Papa T and Family