Friday, March 7, 2008

Six Month Pics


  1. How can ge be six months already? Seems like he was just born.
    Love and miss you.

  2. Jack just keeps getting cuter. Hope he is always this happy.

    Love, Gram

  3. This baby get bigger and cuter all the time. Ame and Sara will love him and Isaac will have a new cousin to play with. I wish I could be there too. Kisses for Jack.
    GG Shirley

  4. Jenn I would love to contact you but I don't have an email address. Please email me when you can.
    Grandma Shirley

  5. Every day he grows and is more adorable than before. I sent the recent pictures you emailed to just about everyone on my email list. One of my friends commented on what a happy baby he is. She also said he looked like a model. I hope I get to hold him and sing to him in Hungarian like I did Keith before he gets so big he won't let me. You look great Jenn and you are obviously doing a great job by the happy smile he always has. Love to you all and hope to see you all soon.
    Grandma Donna & Grandpa Larry