Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cherry Blossoms at Night

Tonight, Jack and I went on an excursion to a garden where they light up the cherry blossoms for night viewing. Unfortunately, I left my tripod at home so I couldn't get any good scenery shots, but I got some nice close ups of the trees. It was a great experience and luckily Keith will be home this time next year so we can go again.

This morning I also got some good future blackmail photos of my little one in his birthday suit. I have been meaning to do the "naked baby on the bear rug thing"...I must say, I have a very photogenic child. He is much more interested in the world these days so it is hard to keep his focus on the camera but it's so easy to make him laugh that I can always get one or two great shots.

There is a storm headed our way which is threatening to blow away a lot of the blossoms. Hopefully we can get to see a few more in the daytime before they all go away. This is such a spectacular time of year here, everything is in bloom and so beautiful. I am glad that Keith pulled into Sasebo Japan so he was able to see some cherry blossoms too. It has been such a treat getting to talk to him on the phone. In a sense, that is what made my deployments easier, because we could talk on the phone regularly. Here we go weeks or months before we can talk. Thank goodness for email..without that we would really feel detached. We just remind ourselves that this is a great opportunity...being here is allowing us to save for our future...and most of all, Jack gets 100% of my attention. Keith misses him intensely, but he'll be around when it counts the most, when Jack is older and able to throw the football around or learn how to be a gadget just like his dad. I am so grateful to have such an amazing family. I hope my happiness will transcend Keith's daily frustrations at work. We send him daily pictures and emails in hopes that he can vicariously experience Japan through us. I guess Jack and I will just have to have enough fun for the three of us until we can all be together. No complaints here...can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store.


  1. Were are your bear skin pix? Or are those only for daddy? Wish I was there to see the beautiful blossoms. I hope to have the chance . As usual you catch or baby at his most perfect moments. He does have a way of making you smile no matter what you are feeling at the moment. We are awfully glad to have you and him in our lives.
    Hugs and Kisses
    Nona and Papa T

  2. How lucky you are to have seen so much already in your life. Jack is a lucky little boy to be able to join you and Keith in your journey,

    Jack is a beautiful boy just like his beautiful mom & dad.

    We love you a lot and can't wait to see you and Jack.

    Love, Gram

  3. I don't think he'll be embarrassed by those pics. He's a Gerber baby!

  4. I find myself checking nearly everyday for a glimpse of that beautiful baby. The cherry blossoms were in bloom when we were in Japan. I found the whole country clean and very beautiful.
    However, the way you capture the moment makes it even more memorable. Quite a talent you have developed Jenn.
    G.Grandma Donna and G.Grandpa Larry