Saturday, December 1, 2007

1st Santa

Jack had his first official visit with Santa today. The USS Lassen Family Group held a Christmas party for the kids today, it was nice to meet some of the other Mom's from Keith's ship. There are a lot of babies that are close to Jack's age...potential playmates for the future.

There isn't too much exciting news to share...Keith comes home next week, hooray! It will be nice to have our family back together. My camera is still out of commission so here are a few more photos from my phone's camera.

I hope everyone is having fun gearing up for Christmas...I know we are!


  1. Oh my goodness! I miss those cheeks! I can't beleve how beautiful he is. He is not even fazed by Santa! I hope maybe there are some hard copies of the angel for me. I am glad Keith will b e home soon. You are going to have such a wonderful holiday together. Love you lots,
    Nona J

  2. This baby gets cuter each time I see a new photo. And look how brave he is, Santa didn't scare him at all! I so wish I could see Jack in person.
    GG Shirley

  3. What a wonderful feeling to see his smiling face. I makes me and grandpa larry chuckle everytime. He looks as if he is not scared of Santa but looking at Mama as if to say,"you have got to be kidding me." He is so beautiful and such a happy little guy. Jenn, you are doing an incredible job with that baby. Grandpa Larry says that you look like the perfect Mom to him. I agree.
    Love and kisses
    Grandma Donna

  4. What a great baby. I'm so glad you were able to get good pictures with Santa. He clowns for the camera just like his Grandpa Tom and his Uncle Steve did--er, do.
    It was so much fun seeing the 2 sides of Jack on webcam--wiggily and sleepy. How nice it is to see your face.
    Give Keith a big hug and kiss from me when he gets home.
    Remember we love you.