Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Just Another Day neighbor Alice went into labor this exciting! She was seven minutes apart when they left for the hospital, I hope her labor went quickly. I have been thinking good thoughts for her all day and I baked some pumpkin bars with lemon glaze to bring to the hospital when Bruce arrives. The recipe called for dates and walnuts...yuck...I substituted toffee and chocolate...they came out fantastic! The lemon glaze added a very nice tartness to the smooth spice of the pumpkin, it was a surprisingly good flavor combination. But then again...anyone who knows me knows I love lemon anything.

Today I am grateful for my Japanese style shower. It is approximately 20 sq ft and has the shower and tub in the same space. I'll include a picture later on...Jack is asleep on my arm at the moment. There is a heater and an air conditioner inside so no matter what the temp is outside you can have a perfect shower or bath. The set up allows me to take showers and baths very easily with Jack. Otherwise I would have to wait for him to take a nap...not in my arms...before I would ever get a shower. A few times he has been content sitting in his papasan chair right outside the door while I take a quick one but I try not to push my luck. Sometimes that quiet-alert state only lasts a few minutes before he needs, or shall I say, demands some attention. Tonight we got ready for bed and put on our matching jammies (courtesy of Nona Julie) and probably for the last time, Jack is almost grown out of them! According to my baby book, he gains over 1/2oz a day! That's almost a pound every two weeks. At that rate we'll need a new car seat in three months...omg, jeez. I love my house and the shower is really just icing...all the more reason to design and build my own house when we get back to the states.


  1. Why is it that you are down to only one chin and Jack is going on three? You look smashing beautiful in your matching pj's as I knew you would. Today I just had along talk with Jeff about the last week. He has grown and handled things like the man I knew he would become. My gratitude for that miracle is limitless!

  2. The pumpkin bars sound great. I would love the recipe. I'll make some for Thanksgiving. You take after your grandma with your love of anything lemon and mint chocolate chip ice cream.

    Hope Alice and Bruce are both okay. Bruce & Jack will have fun together soon.

    I'm grateful that my eye stopped hurting. I had a pressure check yesterday and the doctor scratched my eye with one of his instruments. What a pain and a little frightening. It is okay today, thank God.

    Your bathroom sounds like fun.

    Hugs & kisses to you and Jack. Remember we love you.