Friday, October 19, 2007

Environmental Blahg

I saw on the news that bloggers were going to unite and post an environmentally related blog on the 15th. I had all sorts of good intentions to do so but these days my good intentions are constantly interrupted by a little bean by the name of Jack. As far as the environment goes, I live in the most recycling intensive country in the far as I know. I have more than five separate garbage categories, two of which require thorough washing prior to disposal. We even have a special tool for removing the plastic rings off the tops of plastic bottles left behind by the cap. My favorite day is Group Resource Collection Day, unfortunately I never know when this day is until I notice my neighbors putting their items out. I have tried to figure out the schedule to no avail. This is the day when local organizations come around to pick-up cardboard, magazines, newspapers, clothing and other items that can be recycled for money. Moving seems to create piles and piles of these items and I am thankful that I don't have to find ways to dispose of it myself. So here's my contribution...everyone recycle...for most of you all you have to do is put it all in a blue bin and someone else does the rest. If it's more complicated than that...well, wah...everyone should try to make a difference.

For some reason, yesterday and today have been especially rough. He has switched from sleeping in 2-3 hour intervals during the day and 1-2 hour intervals at night to sporadic 30 minute cat naps throughout the day and 2-3 hour intervals at night. Don;t get me wrong...I appreciate getting more sleep at night. It's that during the day he has been on a pattern of eat, diaper change, fuss inconsolably, finally doze off for a bit, only to start the whole cycle over again. For me, the "I have an answer for everything girl", this is really frustrating. Nothing seems to put him at ease for more than a few moments. Right now I have him in a wrap so that I can respond to him right away. The pacifier works until he spits it out and I think he is most comfortable when he is being held. I don't know what I would do without this wrap. It allows me to take out the garbage, eat, check email and update the blog. Going to the bathroom is a whole other story. That's where the magical mobile in his crib comes in. When he's fed and changed I can lay him down in his crib, wind up the mobile and then run to the bathroom. Luckily I can get back before the music stops...this is where the "magical" part comes in...for some reason he is mesmerized by the music and the spinning fish. As soon as it stops he turns bright red and then wails at the top of his lungs. I know this because I didn't get back in time once.

Now it's back to figuring out this whole motherhood thing, Keith is on duty tonight so I have some leftovers calling my name downstairs. I also need to squeeze in working on our Halloween costumes. I won't reveal our disguises until Halloween so you'll have to wait for the pictures.


  1. I saw the first picture and thought that Jack looked like Keith an awful lot but scrolling down when I saw the picture of Keith and Jack I realized Jack is his fathers son. You guys made a cutie. Hugs, Donna

  2. I check every chance I get to look for new pictures. Jack changes all the time and gets cuter everytime we look. You are doing a great job and it is apparent with that adorable smile and chubby cheeks. Jack really does look like Keith and I wish we could hold him too.
    we love you all,
    Grandma Donna and Grandpa Larry

  3. I get a new favorite picture with every blog. The one in his orange onesie is my new favorite. Jack just keeps getting sweeter to look at.

    Jack does look like his daddy, but there's his momma's sweetness too.

    Give him a hug for us. Remember we love you.