Sunday, October 7, 2007

Webber News
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  1. Jenn,
    You are incredibly talented. I love the pictures of the baby especially the bath. Your right, he is too cute to put down. I wish we could hold him too. Hope you are well and getting a little more sleep. I show Jack's picture's to everyone who will let me.
    Love Grandma Donna and Grandpa Larry

  2. Hi Jenn. What a beautiful baby Jack is. He is a lucky boy to have a Mommie that cares so much

    Give Jack lots of hugs for us and save one for yourself. We love you.

  3. Dear Jack Henry,
    Welcome to the world. You are probably the cutest baby ever! You look exactly like your daddy at the same age. Do you think your mommy and daddy could sent you over UPS? I promise I will send you back after I get to cuddle and kiss you.
    Great Grandma Shirley
    AKA GG