Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sumimasen, baking soda wa doko desu ka

Since Julie has been here she has been cooking up a storm. Yesterday we went to the commissary on base to get supplies and they were completely out of baking soda. How do you make peanut butter cookies without baking soda? Impossible. So today on our walk we went down the hill to the local grocery store and scanned the aisles for baking soda. My Japanese is still limited to polite conversation and my Kanji interpretation is limited to numbers and days of the week. I found a clerk and asked, "Sumimasen, baking soda wa doko desu ka", which is "Excuse me, where is the baking soda?" She escorted me one aisle over and pointed out this:

Thank goodness I asked...otherwise I would have never figured this one out. I was also excited to find out that the store carries many of the items I use and their produce is much nicer than the commissaries and reasonably priced. I want to avoid the base as much as I can since an aircraft carrier pulled in earlier this week increasing the base population by 2500 people. It took us an hour to get off of the base yesterday. Yikes! Keith may want to ride his bike to work to avoid that nonsense.

Jack had a great tummy time session today. It was short since his appetite is insatiable these days...after all he's a growing boy. He is holding his head up for 2 to 3 second at a time at has much more control. His focus is also getting better, I can tell he is seeing me clearer and he was fixated on the mobile above his changing table this morning. He doesn't let me get away for too long...it's feeding time again I can hear him calling. Nona Julie and Papa T can only console him for so long, especially when he has milk on the brain. We are going to the aquarium tomorrow, it should prove to be a great photo opportunity.


  1. I'm sure glad that YOU know how to say these things! We'd be utterly clueless.

    Hey, check this out. http://www.jigzone.com/puzzles/9D132D0F935?z=0

    Click on the picture and you can do a jigsaw puzzle of our favorite grandson! Pretty cool.

  2. Jack is so cute. I bet he is changing every day. He will be sitting up before you know it.

    Hope the peanut butter cookies came out good. Sounds good.......

    Say hello to Julie & Steve for us.

    Remember we love you.

  3. This reminds me of the time I went to Safeway in Newquay and was looking for something (I think shortening. baking powder or cornstarch) asked a clerk and she had no clue what I was asking for.

    Jack is a doll - hope you are getting lots of sleep :+) Hugs, Donna

  4. I did not realize how much I am missing all of you. Jack is the most beautiful little boy, and I wish I could hold him and talk to him. I am so glad Julie and Steve have been there for you. I know she won't want to leave that precious little boy to come home. He looks so much like Keith as a baby. I am impressed by the Japanese you do know. Each day will be closer to when he will sleep all night. He is one of the most alert babies I have seen for his age. We take them at the preschool starting at 6 weeks and he is more like the 3 month olds. Take care and know that we love and miss you all.
    Great Grandma Donna