Thursday, September 20, 2007

Reinforcements have arrived

Nona Julie and Papa T arrived last week and it has been an absolute blessing having them here. I do not know how women do this all on their own. Even on three to five hours of sleep each night I feel great because I am able to take decent showers and Julie has been cooking up a storm. Keith left on Monday morning and will be gone until the beginning of October. We are taking pictures of Jack every day and sending Dad updates via email.

Other than the usual...sleeping all day, staying up all night, changing diapers and constant feedings...Jack is turning into quite the little character. Every day he seems to grow a little more while becoming more aware of his surroundings. Last night we were having a little conversation and I was getting smiles and kissy faces in exchange for my faces and funny noises. I am jealous of Keith who can come up with the greatest songs on the fly to sing to Jack, I am not nearly as creative. I should record them when he's here so that I can have them to play back when Keith is away at sea.

I understand now how parents say that children grow up so quickly, Jack is only three weeks and three days and he is already so different then from when we brought him home. His next check up is not until two months when he will be getting his first batch of immunizations. I am sure that he will be tougher than Mommy will, I don't know how I will get through teething or someday those inevitable boyhood stitches.

Another good note; I met my next door neighbors today. They are American and moved-in in June so they will be here for the same amount of time that we are. Also, Alice is due with their first son in November so Jack will have a playmate who will only be two months younger. It will be great to have a neighbor that has so much in common.

So life is great and we are all doing fantastic...more pictures will be on the way soon!


  1. I'm so glad yoy have Julie & Steve with you. It's always nice to have help with a new baby.

    I bet Keith is missing Jack. Almost as much as you are missing Keith.

    The pictures are wonderful. Thanks for sharing. Everyone in the Bay Area knows who Jack is by now. I'm always pulling out the pictures of my new great grandbaby. No one believes he is so young. He looks older and wiser.

    Give Jack a Greatgram hug for me and remember we love you.

  2. The pictures are SO cute! My cube wall is starting to get crowded! Say hi to Steve and Julie for me.

    There's a chance that I may be able to fly out with Mom at Christmas. It looks like I'll have enough vacation time built back up to take a week or so. I still need to verify a couple of things, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.