Thursday, September 6, 2007

My prayers were answered

Silly me, I was always under the impression that I would give birth and instantaneously have breast milk. This is one area I did not do enough research in. At first I was told that it would take three to four days and that Jack would be fine getting the colostrum that preceded the breast milk. For the first three days...nothing...since I couldn't feel or see any physical changes I was beginning to think I was broken. On the morning of the fourth day we had something the end of the fourth day we had milk. Not just a little milk either.

Remember Tom Hanks in the movie Cast Away when he finally made fire?

That's exactly how I felt..."I have made milk"...followed by a celebration dance similar to that of Hanks.

Feedings have been going well since then, sometimes it's five minutes sometimes it's twenty. Either way I am way more confident now that he is getting what he needs.

...I just had to run downstairs to a distress call from Keith..."Honey come quick!" Currently Typhoon Fitow is spinning right off the coast and we are experiencing some crazy wind and rain, so of course I think something is wrong and I bolted downstairs. As I get to the bottom of the stairs I see Keith, relaxed on the couch with Jack on his lap and Keith asks, "do you notice anything different?" I look at Jack and to my more umbilical cord! It was getting a little stinky, being rotting flesh and all, so good riddance. I am sure this is the first of many milestones we will have this year. Oh, and if you're wondering...I am not keeping it...that's gross.


  1. I'm so glad your milk has finally come in. I know how concerned you were. Now quit the "I'm broken" nonsense. You are a wonderful mother.

    Does Jack have an innie or an outtie?

    Hugs & kisses to all of you. Remember we love you.

  2. Doubting your abilities as a parent . . . you are a real mom now!

    We couldn't be happier to hear everyone is healthy and happy. Welcome little Jack! Can't wait for the next set of pics.

  3. Congratulations! We are so glad that he is here and everything went well. He is sooooo...cute.
    We love the regular updates and can't wait for more pictures.

  4. Hi Jenn and Keith!! Congrats on Jack! He's so perfect! Sounds like you've had some very hectic days. I'm so glad everyone is doing well. Miss you guys love you.

  5. Everyday is something new. I never doubted your milk would be fine. Lucky little guy with Mama and Daddy taking good care of him. I have mangaged to download all the photos from the blog and some from Julie. I am now carrying a wallet full of Great Grandson Pictures. Grandpa Larry has them too and has taken them to work to show off the little treasure. We love and miss you both, and hugs and kisses to all 3 of you.
    Great Grandma Donna &
    Great Grandpa Larry

  6. Well Grandma and Grandpa Tarantino are on their way and I know that they could hardly wait to hold our little Jack. We wish we were coming too.
    Love,hugs and kisses
    Grandma Donna and Grandpa Larry