Wednesday, September 5, 2007

...and Jack makes three

The last 11 days have been quite a whirlwind for the Webber family as the doctors decided to bring Jack into the world three weeks early. My blood pressure has been running a little high since we arrived in Japan so the doctors were testing me twice a week to make sure that I didn't develop pre-eclampsia. On Saturday the 25th, around 10 p.m., we received the dreaded phone call from the hospital telling us that we needed to come in to be induced because the pre-eclampsia had set in. They were especially worried because it onset very quickly which put me at a higher risk for seizures.

So, after a deep breath, a quick shower and the realization that this was really happening, we packed, showered and left for the hospital around midnight. As soon as I was admitted they hooked up an I.V. with Magnesium Sulfate, or as they referred to it, "flu in a bag". Immediately I felt like I had the worst flu ever and ever muscle in my body completely relaxed...sort of the opposite effect you want to have in order to have a baby. Coupled with the Mag was the Pitocin and then an assortment of other fluids to keep me hydrated. The side effects of the Mag prevented me from getting out of bed so I had the lovely experience of my first catheter as well. It's from this point on that Keith has to fill in the holes for me as the next thirty-six hours are a little fuzzy.

Eventually the anesthesiologist came in and administered my epidural, which was either really weak or didn't work at all. With the Mag working against the Pitocin it took quite awhile for full dilation and effacement but lucky for me as the contractions got worse they were giving me this great shot called Nubane.

The Nubane allowed me to sleep through some of the contractions giving Keith a break from listening to me whine. I really thought I was tougher, but it turns out I am a pretty big wimp.

Around 11 a.m. on the 27th the nurse came in to check and I was fully dilated, fully effaced but Jack was at minus three...basically too high. They sat me upright in the bed which caused the most tremendous pain I have ever experienced in my life. From the time they put in the epidural I had felt a pressure on the right side of my pelvis which until this point was bearable...but this is where it got bad. It only took 90 minutes for Jack to descend to where I could start pushing but that 90 minutes was very...let's say...vocal. After months of preparation, Lamaze classes, books and Internet research I thought the breathing thing would be a piece of cake. Breathing in was going okay, breathing out was more of a howling "owwwwwww", over and over until the contractions ended.

Once we were ready to push the nurse was very relaxed and wanted to see how effective my pushing was. On the first contraction I pushed and Keith asked how long it might take. The nurse replied that the pushing could take up to two hours. This triggered something inside me because when I pushed on the next contraction I heard "oh wow, he's coming, call pediatrics, get everyone ready". It was only about 20 minutes and five or six contractions before Jack Henry Webber entered the world on August 27th, 2007 at 1:05 p.m., weighing in at 7 lbs 4 oz and 19-1/2" long.

Keith cut the cord and helped the corpsman give Jack his first bath while the Midwife stitched up a few small tears and got me all cleaned up. Then I was given what we refer to as a Jack Bean Burrito, which has turned into "Bean" for short.

They gave us ample time for bonding before they moved us over to the recovery room where we had to spend the next three days so they could monitor my blood pressure and allow the Mag to get out of my system. Jack was having trouble breaking down the bilirubin and was a little jaundiced so he had to spend 24 hours under the bilirubin lights, not his favorite thing. Between Keith and I cuddling with him as much as possible and jimmy rigging the light contraption so we could hold him, we made it though and the Pediatrician let us go home on Thursday night, the 30th.

Now that we are home we are enjoying every second of poopy diapers and one-hour sleep intervals. We are so lucky to have been chosen by such a perfect angel. Where at times it feels so different having a baby in our lives it also feels like it has always been the three of us, we couldn't be happier.


  1. What a great picture! The little spud is just adorable! I'm sorry the whole episode was so traumatic, but you've got a hammer you can use on him when he gets older.

    "Don't sass me young man! I was in labor for 36 hours bringing you into the world!" He'll never get tired of hear THAT story.

    You write really well. I could almost feel the experience as I was reading along. Well, without the labor pains of course. Don't ever think you're a wimp! You fought for 36 hours to bring that little tyke into the world. For what it's worth, that's like 2 1/2 Ironman races back to back, without food. Mom and I are VERY proud of you!

    Love Dad

  2. Seven days until I(we) get to hold the burrito! I am so excited I can't sleep. Hope you guys are ready as I may never leave!!!
    Love and kisses
    Nona and Papa T

  3. Welcome to the wonderful world of parenthood! Denny and I keep commenting on what great parents you will be, and now you are! What an awesome journey you two have been through already...the Carpenter's song, "We've Only Just Begun" comes to mind at this point. The pictures of our new little guy gave me goose bumps - he's adorable!!!! I see Julie and Steven (oops, I mean Nona and Papa :) are all ready with their new identities. And what are we calling Tom and Laurie now? Congratulations to all of you. Welcome to the world, Apple Jack! Love, Auntie Brynn & Uncle Denny

  4. He is adorable just like you two! Reading your story in print was as harrowing as hearing you tell it! Maybe more! All in the past now. :) I love you three and I love your blog. Thanks for doing it!

  5. Grandpa Larry says that Jack looks more like a Marine than a squid. I think he is the most beautiful baby and looks more like he is 3 months old than a newborn. I wish I could be coming with Nona and Papa T. I want to get my hands on that precious boy. Jenn I wanted to let you know that Gilbert from Salon Eclipse thought he was beautiful too. He said he couldn't believe you got on that plane 9 months pregnant.
    Give that precious little boy hugs and kisses for us and tell him that his great grandma and granpa love him.
    Grandma Donna

  6. Jenn, Jack is so beautiful he makes me cry. Thanks so much for sharing him with Great Gram & Grampa on your blog and webcam. We are so lucky you came in to our lives.

    Kiss Jack's toes for me and remember we love you.

  7. jenn and keith: greatly enjoyed reading your adventures up to this moment. you pack so much life into everything you must get pooped! i didn't realize so much went into moving to another country but it sounds like you're doing it right. can't wait to see jack grow up and what's next for the webbers. love you all! jann