Monday, August 6, 2007

You will visit just to use our toilets...

Here's our new house...the move-in has officially begun. We received our keys this morning after signing a heaping load of paperwork. Keith felt more like he was buying a house versus renting one. There are so many regulations here from color coded garbage separation to a memo promising shoes would never be worn inside the house. It's a good thing that we are already hardcore recyclers, we will just have to get used to what gets picked up on what day and as far as the shoe thing goes, there is a kick ass shoe closet in the entry me that means much more closet space. This evening we moved our luggage and Winnie over to the new house and all I can say is "thank God" this is our last night in a hotel. Tomorrow night will be the first night in our super comfy bed since May 24th.

Jack and I have a check-up tomorrow at the hospital and we will check in every two weeks from now on. Everything is going well, the heat aggravates the swelling pretty badly, and being tired all the time is really starting to take a toll, but other than that I am a very round and happy pregnant lady.

We hope the new utilities get expedited quickly but we may not have Internet access at home for a couple of days. I will follow this up tonight with an email of our new mailing address and cell phone numbers.

As for the toilet comment, let me just say: heated seat, boy bidet, girl bidet (both with temperature control), automatic closing seat and a hand washer on the top of the tank for when you are finished. I wasn't as in awe as Keith was upon initial inspection, but after trying it...I never want to use a regular toilet again. Japan rocks!


  1. You are two wild and crazy kids! It does not suprise me in the least that Keith would be excited by the toilets. Take it easy for the next couple of weeks and get your nest all feathered. Papa and I can't wait to get our hands on you guys and baby Jack of course. Winnie will get lots of love also. See ya soon. Love, love you.

  2. A toilet seat that goes down automatically--I'm in love.

    Hope all went well with the midwife.

    I bet a night in your own bed will feel so good. Get lots of rest on it.

    Remember we love you.

  3. Hi,
    Hopefully I have figured this out. I am so glad that you have your own home again. Nothing is like your own bed. The house looks great. Take pictures inside when you can. Don't do too much. You have time before the little Webber makes his entrance.
    Love you,
    Grandma Donna