Monday, August 13, 2007

Quick Update...

Slowly but surly we are getting all settled in. We set up Jack's room on Sunday, but only so that we could use it as storage while we get situated in the other rooms. Keith is flabbergasted at the amount of stuff this kid has and he is not even here yet. I am hitting a language barrier when it comes to finding a local diaper service, hopefully the interpreters on base will be able to help me out. I am using the computers at the local library on base for now, but we should have Internet set up by next week. August 13 to 16 is the Bon Festival, an important Japanese tradition to honor ancestors. Most Japanese people take summer vacation during this time including our property manager who is the liaison to set up the last of our utilities.

We hope everyone is having enjoyable summer weather unlike here where it is hot and humid. I categorize it as stupid hot and I hate to say that I am getting adjusted but it doesn't seem to be as overwhelming as it was when we first got here. Having fantastic air conditioning in our house and car definitely helps.

Four weeks and five days...but we won't mind if Jack comes a week early, Mommy is ready to be normal again and we want Daddy to have some time before he's off for deployment.


  1. Hmmm, no Japanese translation for "please come pick up our poopy diapers"? Well, I'm sure you'll get it figured out. Color-coded recycling seems a bit much.

    Mom and I think we finally have this calling card business figured out. It was a little complicated but we think it'll work out OK. Good luck with the internet installers!

    Love Dad

  2. At least you have a translator on the base. It has been hot and humid here too, even at the beach. Hopefully, you will get up and running on your internet soon. We miss you both, and loved the pictures. I will get the blankets off later in the week. I think I am finished with school finally. I graduated from college, took a six day seminar and just finished 48 hours of classes to renew my CA real estate license. Maybe, I can start living like normal people and go back to work.
    Love you both,
    Grandma and Granpa Schultze

  3. I'm glad you are getting settled. Maybe you can have some feet-up rest. Hope Jack comes soon enough for Keith to "birth a baby". You must be so excited by now.

    We followed Steve to Northridge to make sure his little car is okay. He made it just fine. His room is very nice and his landlord is a nice man. I hope Steve will be happy.

    We went to Laughlin after Northridge. It was 115 and humid. I have some idea how uncomfortable you must be. I had some luck and Grandpa didn't. Someday we will do it together.

    Remember we love you.