Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Webber's are Single Digit Widgets

We are down to eight days and a wake-up, so of course, Keith's stress level is kicking into high gear. We have been trying to get a straight answer from the airlines about details of Winnie's journey but we either get "we don't know" or "ask at check-in". So the over-prepared people that we are decided to go down to the airport, with the carrier, and ask if we had all of our ducks in a row. So, we get to the American Airlines terminal, politely wait in line, then ask if we can talk to a supervisor about travelling with a pet. Without fail, we encountered the rudest agent on their payroll who basically told us to call the 800 number and that the agents were the supervisors. In the end we didn't get any more information then what is posted on their website so we are crossing our fingers that everything goes okay when we show up to the airport with "the Beast" in tow.

On a positive note, Japanese class is over. Five weeks of intense memorization...not my strong suit. My speech went well...as if I would ever have a hard time talking about myself for three minutes. I may have to settle with an A- as my final grade, God forbid I get a B. I can't believe how much more important my grades have become the second time around. I have a nice long break while we move to Japan and welcome Jack into the world. I withdrew until the Winter 2008 quarter that will start in January. Unfortunately, my final grade in Japanese class doesn't make a difference in the big picture since The Art Institute will not allow me to take any classes outside of my program. I guess when you charge $350 a credit, why would you accept 5 credits for transfer that only cost the student $100 at a community college. Keith thinks I should call them and tell them I will not re-enroll unless they grant me the transfer credit as an elective. I think they will say "tough, fork over another $1750 and we'll give you five credits." Thank goodness the Navy is paying the tuition, eh? Fist fulls of college money and the love of my life, what a deal for five years of service.

According to my baby calender, I will gain 1 pound and Jack will gain 1/2 a pound a week from now on. That puts him right around seven pounds on his due date. He already feels so heavy I cannot imagine gaining eight to nine more pounds! I am glad that it is over nine weeks and not over night. Every day he finds a new painful way to kick his mom, he is already proving to be very creative and strong. Jack will be born, according to Chinese Astrology, in the year of the Golden Pig. A combination of Fire and the Pig that only occurs every 60 years. "The pig in general is considered by Chinese as a representative of fortune and luck, with a mild temper and an honest character, so many Chinese parents believe babies born in this year are lucky." I think we are lucky to have been blessed so quickly, karma must be on our side.

All that's left is packing and doing some last minute tourist adventures. We are taking in a Padres game with my parents this week and eating as much "American" food as we can get. You know what I mean...Mexican, Italian and Chinese...American food. Soon enough we'll be in the land of sushi and bento boxes but I am sure that we will crave In-N-Out sooner than later.


  1. Do they have McDonald's and Starbucks in Japan?

    Let's see, moving to a new country, living out of suitcases and pregnant, A- sounds pretty good to me.

    See you on Friday. I can't wait.

  2. Hey Pumpkin,

    Hope you guys are having a nice time with the parental units. Say Hi to all for us. We are also counting the days until we see you guys. (And Jack) Take time to breathe this week.
    Love you lots,
    Nona and Papa T

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