Friday, July 13, 2007

Ookii akumu

or...big nightmare in Japanese. Keith and I have both been having very intense and bizarre dreams each night. My dreams are mostly about giving birth to baby girls, or aliens or some other bizarre creature, and Keith's have been about arriving to the wrong ship or getting to the ship and not knowing what to do. I've read that while we sleep our brains work through all of our anxieties. Clearly you can see what we are anxious about, we truly are each other's yin and yang. I have no worries about the move to Japan and Keith is completely calm regarding Jack's arrival.

Today was my final exam in Japanese class so my dream last night was entirely in Japanese. My hope is that the stress of having to be tested on what I have learned will subside but I am sure that new stress will take its place of having to actually communicate with native Japanese speakers. Keith and I practice every day saying; good morning - ohayoo gozaimasu, good afternoon - konnichiwa, thank you - arigatoo gozaimasu and good night - oyasuminasai. I have been using Keith as my sounding board throughout this class for practice and I am very impressed with how much he is retaining.

Tomorrow is the final day of class and I have to deliver a three minute speech in Japanese. Thankfully, it will be a piece of cake compared to today's final. I am sure that tonight I will forgo visions of labor for the typical, 'getting up in front of the class without my clothes on scenario'.


  1. Grandpa says Minnie won't have any kitty friend in Japan because she doesn't speak the language.

    I'm sure you aced your test and you will do as well when Jack decides to come running out. I wish I could be there to help.

  2. Well - did you pass your test. This will be fun following your trip. Enjoy and have a whole lot of fun. Give Jack a few taps and a cuddle for me. Love Donna