Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The complete album of Jack @ 32 Weeks

Just copy and paste the following address into your browser and it will link you to our Picasa Web Album:



  1. Hi Jenn, Hi Keith, (Hi Jack Sweetie)-

    I love your blog, I miss you all already and love you. I'll talk to you tomorrow and have a wonderful trip to Japan with a lot of TLC along the way for Mommy, Daddy and Winnie.


    Mom, Dad and Steven

  2. That is SO cute! We really enjoyed the live show at the clinic. It was quite a treat.

    Enjoy the adventure. These are days you'll re-live for the rest of your lives.

    love, Dad

  3. I wish the traffic had cooperated with us so we could have seen the live show.

    We had a great time and are so happy we were able to say so long in person.

    We love you a lot. Grandma & Grandpa