Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Captain's Log, Stardate 20070723

We are down to one day and a wake up...and yet there is no real excitement in the air. We have been preparing for this transition for so long now I think we just want it to be over with. The real excitement all lies within Jack's arrival. We had a 32 week ultrasound today and we saw our chubby little baby make all sorts of faces while he was being uncooperative for the technician. In this pic it looks like he is shaking his fist at us. He also gave us a great view of his right foot and a few big yawns.
Our goal is to complete all of our packing tonight so that we may have all day tomorrow to goof off. Our friend Amanda, who we know from England, is stationed in Yokosuka and will be picking us up at the airport in Narita. Thankfully we will not have to travel on the trains, now think the tune to '12 days of Christmas'...with Winnie in a travel kennel, four check-ins, two carry-ons and one pregnant wife with swollen feet. She is even kind enough to park and wait with us while we clear Winnie through Animal Import and Customs.
So, with a relatively easy flight ahead of us, very convenient transport to and from the airports and a comfy bed awaiting us at the Navy Lodge in Yokosuka...there is really nothing to stress about. This I know: we will be in Japan as of Thursday, we will arrive in one piece with all of our essentials and we have enough good Karma on our side to make all the little details fall right into place.
Life is good...the adventure continues.


  1. You are 2 1/2 wild crazy kids! The pictures are fab. He looks just like his Pappa Steve! See you soon.
    Travel safe. Let us know when you get there.
    Love you,
    Nona and Papa T

  2. I don't know who Jack looks like, but he is a beautiful great grand baby just like my favorite grand daughter