Wednesday, July 11, 2007

14 days and a wake up...

Plane tickets, check.
Ride to the airport, check.
Twenty-five jumps through fiery hoops to import Winnie into Japan, check.
Our entire lives in four insanely heavy suitcases, check.

The two week countdown has begun for our departure to Japan for our next three-year tour. We are enthusiastically waiting until the 25th of July when we can get out of Southern California and on with our next adventure. Keith and I are making the last of the rounds with friends and family and we are excited that my parents are flying down for a visit on the 19th.

It's been nice down here in San Diego for the past six weeks, this weather cannot be beat. The Navy lodging is nice but we are ready to leave our little "studio" and move into something with tatami mats and shoji screens. Hopefully we will find something quickly and we won't have to live in the Navy lodge in Yokosuka for too long. All Navy lodging has a 'no pet' rule so we have had to be very creative with our little trouble maker. Winnie loves to sit in the windows and it's driving her crazy that we have them all blocked off. As for every day life, I will be finishing up my Japanese class this week and I am really looking forward to giving my brain a break. I knew it was going to be challenging...but it was really challenging. I am amazed at how much I have actually learned in just five weeks. Keith will graduate from his school on the 19th and then we can focus on all the travel ahead of us.

I am 30 weeks 3 days pregnant now and Jack is approximately 18" long, 3 pounds. I feel like he grows overnight, my belly feels heavier every morning. His kicks are getting stronger and he has found a nerve near my hip that makes his kicks feel like I am being stabbed with a knife. hopefully as he gets bigger he will have less room to kick me so hard. We learned last night at our birthing class that babies can break ribs, yikes! We also saw what 10 cm dilation looks like. Let's just say with each class I become less excited about labor and delivery, hopefully the epidural works really well.

Two weeks and we will be in Japan, nine weeks and we will be welcoming Jack into the world. The latest Webber adventure is kicking into high gear.


  1. I think I was pretending that you weren't leaving so soon. I will miss you sooooo----,but I know it will be a great adventure for all three of you.
    I hope that Jack arrives easier than he has been to carry. Give him a big kiss and tell him Grandma & Grandpa love him. Love to you and Keith. Grandma & Grandpa

  2. We just bought our tickets. Japan here we come! You better get Nona Julie's and Grandpa Steve's room ready. I'll be there for a whole month! Hugs and kisses. See you soon.

  3. I miss you so much! I love this blogger thing, way cool.. Do you have a theme for Jacks room yet? I want to send you something. Do you know what your address will be in Japan? I am so excited for you guys even though I am missing you. We will have to send lots of letters. Good luck with the transition, let me know if you need anything. Tell the hubby and the baby hello for me. Love ya!